How much energy do Victorian homes typically use?

The Australian government requires energy retailers to publish average household use on your energy bills as one measure to encourage people to reduce their consumption.

It’s a quick way to benchmark your use against others but the figures are estimates only. Average use varies on lots of factors and those accounted for in these calculations include number of people in the household, connection to mains gas, presence of a pool and so on.


  A typical 4 person household in 3820 uses *








Annual consumption  
12.2 kWh
per day
13.7 kWh
per day
15.8 kWh
per day
13.7 kWh
per day
13.9 kWh
per day
1096 kWh
for Summer
1262 kWh
for Autumn
1456 kWh
for Winter
1245 kWh
for Spring
5059 kWh
per year
* these amounts are based on an average household in your localised zone without a pool but with gas connected. Individual usage will vary.


In 2013 Sustainability Victoria estimated that we spent $2800 per year on average- $1800 on electricity and $1000 on gas. Typically, that is 50% of the energy on heating, 25% on hot water, 9% on refrigeration, 8% on cooking, 5% on appliances, 2% on lighting and 1% on cooling, so you can see that taking steps to reduce your need for heating is generally the best place to start to reduce your bill. That means working on the building envelope which includes your air barrier and your thermal barrier- stop unwanted draughts and insulate properly.

BBSN can work with you to get your energy use as low as possible- contact us here.



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