Home retrofits in the Latrobe Valley


The Latrobe Valley Authority has announced a new program to help soften the blow of the closure of Hazelwood power station at the end of March. The home energy retrofit program will provide up to $4,500 per home for 1000 homes of disadvantaged people in the Baw Baw, Latrobe and Wellington shires. If you have an existing health care care, pension card or have a concession arrangement with your energy provider, you may be eligible to apply. You can register your interest in participating here. Baw Baw Sustainability Network have registered our interest in being a provider of the energy audits and look forward to being involved.

Across the 3 local council districts there are over 60,000 homes. According to previous surveys of Victorian homes, most of these are in need of very significant retrofitting to make them more comfortable and more energy efficient. The average cost of the works required is around $30,000 per home but many gains in comfort and efficiency are possible with much less than that. So, the amount of potential work to be done is enormous. We hope people in the Latrobe Valley and wider area see and grab the potential in this project- it will lead to ongoing savings for the homes, reducing the cost of living difficulties currently being faced, at the same time as making homes more comfortable and even alleviating health problems associated with leaky or mouldy buildings.

You can visit our website to read more about our home sustainability assessment service here.


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