Baw Baw Emissions-Zero project


What would it be like to live in a home that has no energy bills and is more comfortable? What if all your neighbours did the same? And imagine if all business and industry were accessing affordable, reliable renewable energy from their own roof or from a larger local generation facility? What kind of community scale renewable energy is best suited to our area? A core group of locals are pondering these and more questions and we’d love to hear from more people who are keen to get involved.

Baw Baw Sustainability Network based in Yarragon, Beyond Zero Emissions and Baw Baw Shire Council are collaborating on a project aimed at our region of Baw Baw reaching zero carbon emissions from our use of electricity and gas over the next 10 years. This will bring great benefits to the area with many jobs doing useful, beneficial work, reduced power bills, more comfortable buildings as well as showcasing Baw Baw as a leading community, taking action to address pollution.

Our initial steps will be to gather baseline data on the use of gas and electricity in the shire, engage the community in the process and draft an implementation plan for the on the ground works to happen over the coming decade. There’s a lot of work ahead of us and there’s no doubt plenty of hurdles to jump and pot holes to avoid. If you’d like to get involved please make contact with us:



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